Review of Peace and Happiness Foundation by Kyaw Lin Htut

on 21/12/2018

Unforgettable time

I thought it was lonely during my stay, it was difficult to me regarding teaching process, and it was uncomfortable for me regarding to the school provided food and accomodation. But actually when I was participated at the school, it was totally difference with my thought. I was warmly welcome by all of the teachers and students at the school first assembly and I was supported by the school whatever I need during my stay. The local teachers did care my health and volunteers may not need to worry about emergency treatment and seasonal sick during your stay, there is a clinic and hospital near the school. The principal and thai local teachers always listen to volunteer difficulties and they always try to fulfill some of your need. Moreover, Peace and Happiness foundation is ready to help the volunteers if you face some difficulties at the school. I visited White temple (Palace), neighbour city, Friday night market with the local teachers during my volunteer period and the school has a plan to take you there in some weekends. It is good time to try Thai cuisine, to learn the strength of thai culture, language and to be on familiar with community. I was successfully overcame the challenges that managing the classroom such as receiving the attention and respect from the students through my previous gained experience and through local teacher's supporting in the classroom. In conclude, it was very fantastic memory for my life and I gained a rewarding experience, precious knowledge and long lasting network by joining this volunteer programme. Therefore, I am quite sure that you will possess amazing things that you can't buy them by money by collaborating this programme.