Review of Biodiversity Research Institute by Mathieu Comba

on 29/08/2018

Great experience !

I stayed 4 weeks at IPBIO and if I could, I would have stayed more. This experience is both a volunteer experience helping IPBIO in research about biodiversity, but also a good trip. I mean the stay here was great. I was pleasantly surprised by the landscape, the colourful birds, in particular the hummingbirds, during the breakfast on the terrace and the reserve’s beauty. People are friendly here; the local people are amazingly welcoming and smiling all the time, volunteers are all great - what a wonderful way to enjoy free time. The staff is really nice even if I couldn’t speak Portuguese, they were always cheerful and friendly.
During the weekend you can visit the region where there are a lot of caves and waterfalls. You can go Tubing on the river, hiking and swimming; there is a deck on the river just next to the volunteer house.
The accommodations are great, there are some private rooms, several bathrooms, and a new kitchen for the volunteers is under construction. A lounge for the volunteers to enjoy the evening playing cards, reading or for movie nights also exists. It’s all more than you need.
I worked on the amphibian research, collecting data about a deadly fungus on tadpoles and also participated in taking inventory of trees, birds, mushrooms, or also do habitat monitoring, plant seeds to cultivate trees. In other words, the activities are diverse.
Whatever your motivations; taking pictures, help biodiversity, travel or just have a good experience, it will meet your expectations.