Review of Biodiversity Research Institute by valeria Rashnilov

on 01/11/2019

Put this on your bucket list

I can say in one breath that this is the best thing i did in my life. In five I experienced what I thought would take a lifetime.
I came as a muralist but I got to be an Eco volunteer half the time. I got to collect data about living organisms and got to know them a bit closer, I saw animals and especially insects that i couldn't believe existed and so much more. I could go on and on but words really can't describe the experience you get from this place.
I had tears in my eyes so many times just from the beautiful and wondrous things and little moments that occurred there.
From a more practical perspective this place was excellent as well. You get all the facilities you need and the staff is very attentive, helpful and kind.
Lastly I can only urge you to go visit this wonderful place, and stay as long as you can . If you ever wondered if there is magic in the world this is the place to confirm it:)