Review of The Learning Center by Diana

on 11/12/2015

The best experience ever with TLC

When I was planning my trip to Nepal I was overwhelmed by all the NGO's and now, looking back, I feel very lucky to have found The Learning Center because they are very honest, transparent and they made their best to offer me a teaching position where I would feel needed and useful to the kids.
Ralph informed me about all the programs The Learning Center developed for the underpriviledged Nepalese, we visited some of the villages where they opened a school for the kids that work in brick factories (in Panauti) and I eventually decided to teach in Jalupa school, a Community College for the village children on the outskirts of Kathmandu. My experience there was simply wonderful. All the teachers received me with open arms and the kids were very open and eager to learn and know me better. In Nepal I enjoyed teaching so much because I felt useful. Besides, I learned a lot about resilience and positive attitude from my students and fellow teachers. They were all wonderful to me and I hope to see them again sometime in the near future.