Review of Tortugas de Pacuare by linatothemoon

on 04/07/2018

Amazing project! By Clara and Lina

Hello, we are a two students (Clara and Lina) that decided to be part of this amazing project due to an internship with our school. And we can certainly say that it was the best decision ever!

This project taught us the importance of turtles regarding the oceans and the ecosystem, it allowed us to see how magnificent these creatures are and it also showed us how to take care of them and their home.

The atmosphere in the project is amazing, you'll meet wonderful people, try new things and get to know yourself in the free time!

We'd definitely recommend it, this experience helped us grow as individuals and we are very grateful for it.

Gracias por todo Tortugas de Pacuare :)
¡Pura vida!

-Clara y Lina