Review of Casa do Caminho by Tommi

The unseen Brazil in great company

I had the opportunity to spend a month with the guys at casa do Caminho in the Xerém area and it has been just amazing. It's been for sure a significant experience for me in which I could understand a lot more out of Brazil and its culture than any other experience I could have had. As I have been living in a big metropolitan such as São Paulo, and spending some days helping casa do Caminho in the country farms was such a drastically change of the way of thinking about Brazil. You discover how is the life without all the city commodities and pollution in favor of nature and simplicity. Renato is a fantastic person, very active and never tired. He really tries hard to help everyone he can and his determination drives everyone to do much more than expected, I very admire him. I was very happy as well to find such nice people to live with: Maria, Tomás, Juan and Marcelino have been great housemates, very funny and enjoyable. Helping to restore part of the house we were living it's something we all did with passion and you could perceive that everyone was caring a lot about it, especially Maria with all the painting and Tomás with the electricity system fix (he did a wonderful job). The kids are fantastic as well, they came to the house especially on Saturdays to play a bunch of different games and afterwards, in the afternoon, we used to go to the river: they just get crazy when we go, they love it. Unfortunately I couldn't teach nor English or Portuguese as because the schools were closed for Christmas holidays, but I think I would have enjoyed teaching and it's a part of the project the house carries on.
After all I would say that I have no regrets in spending that month in Xerém, it's been a very forming experience for me that opened my eyes to an unseen Brazil.
on 04/05/2018