Review of TANF GHANA by Jana Freund

on 12/06/2017

Even best descision volunteering with TANF :)

I enjoyed the three month when volunteering in Ghana a lot! I lived with the loveliest host family and felt really at home! Furthermore everybody i met made my stay in Ghana an unforgettable experience! I never felt alone because they where all so friendly and helpful. Moreover i had the feeling that i could really help in the project. I felt i was really able to make a contribution to the project and It was really interesting because i could help in many different workplaces! Mainly i was teaching in the school but also helping in the health centre. In addition i visited the wonderful country Ghana and met so many amazing people They all surprised me so much with so many things and it was really hard to leave Ghana after the three months. I would recommend the project to all potential volunteers. I hope to return here to Ghana one day and work with their project again.