Review of Minmahaw School by James Davies

on 06/01/2016

Minmahaw will change how you see the world

I could not recommend teaching at Minmahaw School enough. Here, I met some of the most amazing people - both students and teachers - and learnt so much from the students.

Most students at Minmahaw have not had an educational experience like this before. It is obvious from the high level of motivation and inquiry among the students that they really cherish the opportunity. Minmahaw is a very creative and interactive school, making it very different from the education that students have received elsewhere.

The teaching and management staff run a magnificent school, and students receive the highest level of support and encouragement.

As a volunteer new to teaching, the other teaching staff were very supportive and provided me with helpful guidance and help when I needed it.

One of the things most incredible is the inclusive spirit fostered by the school, which grows amongst the students, despite the different backgrounds they come from inside Burma or on the border.

Living in the border town of Mae Sot is a great experience in itself, and some of the finer pleasures of life are to be found in a Thai red frog curry.