Review of Richmond Vale Academy by Lina Nieto

on 30/04/2019

Shoulder to shoulder

Richmond Vale Academy is a place for cultural exchange and learning about environmental issues. For the 18-month program, the training period (first 6 months) is crucial since skills related to Permaculture, Organic Agriculture, Mitigation of Climate Change are acquired; the theoretical part is carried out in a virtual platform. In the second phase, which is the period of service in Belize, is where the lessons learned are really put into practice in a voluntary work shoulder to shoulder in a Maya community, it´s a challenging but it´s such a beautiful experience. And the third stage (last six months) is a period where the voice of lived experience is passed, so that other people are encouraged to make changes for society and for the world and you can have the opportunity to work with communities from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.