on 13/11/2017

community development

Under my service learning,i was placed at TESDEF UGANDA a non governmental organization.Basing on my service learning project; i chose to offer services like Empowerment, Social accountability, peace building, Promote care and support to vulnerable children and children at risk. I realized areas that children and youth lack such as psycho-social support and empowerment.
These report gives an overview of the project that i did during my service learning.It contains the aspect of the intended out comes and what i achieved during my placement and what i was interested to accomplish.
The challenges that i faced during my project are also explained/outlined and the way i tried to overcome/solve the challenges in order to make my project successful.The various theories and learning that i acquired from the five modules was included in the write up as this formed the basis of my project.They have supported my personal life and provide relevant information concerning problem solving during the project .
This report also covers my daily activities that i under took in the placement which include attending meetings,participating on the day today running of the office work,supervising the beneficiaries during their examination under skills training project and many others.It will also provide my reflections on the service learning process from the time i started my service learning up to the time of writing reports at the end of the project.It also reflected on the learning that i had not planned like;i had to change my attitudes in order to create a good relationship with the community members.This learning also included what the organization benefited from my being with them during my service learning,it also included recommendations.
During my placement at TESDEF UGANDA,i was involved in many activities that concerned both my project and the daily running of the organization such as supervision of the beneficiaries,sensitization,identification,mobilization and registration.
My main activities were supervision,attending meetings,taking photos from the field and registering beneficiaries.During sensitization we use to go to the communities to sensitize them on the community development,raising consciousness to the community in order to make them participate together with the organization to see that the services are delivered to the community.
My basic interests of working with children and youths is in the projects of orphaned and vulnerable children,human rights and dignity for all people,love and care.i offered capable assistance to the children and youth on areas concerning peace building,psycho social support,adolescence and early adulthood,spiritual guidance and HIV/AIDS awareness.
It was very interesting working with TESDEF UGANDA, i have gained enough experience in different fields on community development,women empowerment , children and youth projects.