Review of Refugees Welfare Association Cameroon by Asong Brain

on 11/02/2020

I wish to volunteer

Cameroon is hosting more than 100,000 refugees from both Central African Republic and Nigeria due to political instability. They all came to seek refuge in Cameroon. Again, there are alot of IDPs from both Northern Region and South Region of Cameroon who migrated because of secessionist attacks. All these people migrated because of forceful reasons and as a result of this need help, care, attention and assistance in education,health care, feeding etc. I wish to volunteer because i feel for all these people and i belief its a moral right for me to try to help. My name is Asong Brain and i am in Master 2 program at the University of Yaoundé 1 Ngoa Ekele specialized in International Relations and currently a part time History teacher.