Review of KALUGA ACADEMY by george ouma

on 14/07/2016

Turning scars into stars

Iwould like to take this opportunity to highly commend the good work that the kaluga academy is doing to make sure that ,the needy orphans and children in the community are given the desired support that hey need.
this project is very marvelous due to the fact that its in the village where many children have been left behind due to the effects of HIV/aids.
the school is giving hope to the hopeless and according the school county report -the school is performing very well compare to other schools in the area.
apart from the school program the project a well structured community out reach program that is empowering women in community friendly table banking and youth welfare consideration.
during my volunteer internship i discovered that in-spit of project dedication to involved the community on development affair's -they have managed to achieve the following milestones.-
properly documented data of community beneficiary and referral of service with other stakeholders in the community
-women and youth have been mobilized to respond to community development matters in the community.
-the parents and guardians are involved in the day to day running of the school and community programs.
- most of the staffs at the school are past project beneficiaries there by building confidence in service delivery.
-the project is very seriously thinking about food security initiative to boost food production to motivate the project beneficiaries enrolled in the programs with a clear indicator of having a community farming project for millet and vegetables.
with my independent and consultative partnerships and interviews with good community members discovered that the project is facing the following challenges-
-the temporary structures made of iron sheets during cold season affect learning of the children due to cold while during hot seasons its very very hot and children do get affected -hence need fro a good structure that is friendly to the beneficiaries.
- the well dedicated and volunteer teachers need motivation in terms of training and good remuneration as they do good work of helping the beneficiaries.
-stationary for the school and the beneficiaries is a big challenge hence need fro support since most of the beneficiaries comes from very poor background and cant not afford but have the interest to overcome illiteracy and improve self esteem.
- women and youth involved in development need a revolving fund to support table banking activities and help create jobs for the youth to avoid being idle in the community.
to improve and establish a school and community technology center ,the school need computers because power is available at the school and the needy orphans in the community need bedding's and medication to support there life ventures.
- since land is available with a good plan the project can have a good education complex that will accommodate more children and ensure beneficiaries safety at all the times.
as a good community ambassador and a community advocate having being exposed in high level training's in the USA and Europe with support from the ford foundation - i will keep in touch with the project to ensure all is well when i get an opportunity to so and work very closely with the project board and community advisory teams to promote service delivery that is very timely.
this is Avery coast effective project with strong community partnerships hence need fro support across board.
i would like to kindly take Avery passionate appeal to future and past volunteers to help this community owned project and school by spreading the good message of partnership and collaboration to enable the project achieve its goal of becoming self reliant .
any of our good friends out there there this is an opportunity for you to help connect the program with potential funding agencies and you in particular to do some thing that can change life of a child ,a women ,teacher and a youth in this community.
kindly visit and see the good work.........