Review of Association Jeunesse Espoir (AJE) by Audrey Fitra

on 06/05/2018

A so great and powerful experience !

I went in AJE center twice. The first time, it was during summer 2015, for a month and the other time, during april 2016, for two weeks. Each time, it has been a great and powerful experience.

AJE is a very dynamic and serious organisation, with a conscientious and friendly team.

I spent most of my time to follow up young people in professionnal formation. It was very interesting to visit vocational training centers, to interview headteachers and to meet young people and their families. All of them were so grateful for the help giving by AJE to provide them a professionnal future.
I also had some experience in education by giving some lessons in french and mathematics.
But I think that my most powerful experience was in medical care. I thought that I was not made for that and that I would not be able to give medical care. But I was totally wrong. Thanks to the precious advices giving by the medical team of AJE, I learned a lot of things and I enjoyed giving medical care to children. Sometimes it was hard but I feeled very useful fulfilling this mission.

There is always something going on with AJE. Each time, I lived unexpected moments. I will always remember the prizegiving day in a school based in Ross Bethio and the discussion around the life conditions of prisonners in the St Louis's jail.

As I work in a school, I was very happy to organise a letters exchange between Senegalese and french schoolchildren. It was nice to work with them, in the two countries, on the writing of the letters and to explain the project to each family.

I encourage everyone who wants to have a great experience to come in AJE center. It will change your life as it had changed mine !