Review of Ideal Society Nepal by Sima Adhikari

on 22/04/2018

Experience About Volunteering

I have been working as a Volunteer in 'IDEAL SOCIETY NEPAL' for 3 months. I am really happy to have an opportunity to become a volunteer in this organization. As I came to know, this organization is helping Vulnerable Youth to develop their physical, mental, morale and employment capacities. I observed that this organization's main motive is to provide different skills, trainning and employment to the vulnerable youth especially girls and women. Also this organization instills qualities like, discipline, self-sustainable, high morale, hardworking,capable of caring health etc. This organization conducts different types of trainnings for 3 to 6 months. It also provides many facilities like fooding and shelter. Youth involved in this trainning are miserable but active. I got opportunity to learn the situation and lifestyles of trainees and trainers and got to know them closely, which inspired me a lot. This organization launched various events and recreational activities like; hiking, picnic, games, marathon etc. With the help of this organization, I learned various skills and got opportunity to participate in various trainnings. I have got opportunities to collect knowledge of different fields. I also got opportunity to develop my attitude and personality. I collected lots of experiences through this organization's trainning projects. Finally, I observed that this organization is working in best way to provide skills, trainnings and employment to the youth. If I got next chance, I would definitely carryout volunteering work in this organization again.