Review of Rural Development Centre (RUDEC Cameroon) by Lucas Bielsa Campo

on 02/02/2016

Volunteer work with orphans children


I was a volunteer in RUDEC during October-November 2014 in the Orphan Project with children.

All what I can say is amazing things about RUDEC, the staff in the NGO, people from Belo, the natural environment and of course, the children. They are unbelievable.

This was my first experience as a volunteer and everything was easy and perfect thanks to several things: Joshua (the founder of the NGO) makes that everything works perfectly and he helps you in all he can, the staff from Rudec (Shella, Sam) are some of the best and cutest person that I have ever met and, of course, the children. The experience of knowing, teaching, working and trying to improve the life of all the children was one of the best and more unforgettable experiences in all my life.
Moreover, Belo is super safe and extremely beautiful.

Definitely, this was one of the most rewarding and important experiences in my life.

Please, if you have the chance go to RUDEC. Even it is just for one or two months. I´m sure this experience will change your life.

Muchas gracias and warmest regards!!! Hope to see you in Rudec:)