Review of Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS by Tripp Kuehnis

on 02/09/2017

Lasting Impressions

In January 2016, my wife and I started planning a year long trip around the world for our family of 7. It was a journey of a lifetime for all of us, with stops at many Wonders of the World. But now that we have returned home and reflected on our entire journey, the one highlight that everyone agreed upon was our time volunteering with YAAPHA. Our 9 year old loved teaching English with his older sister at Pasua Primary School and playing games with the students. Our three teenage daughters all had an opportunity to lead programs in their own classrooms. And personally, I was able to put my IT skills to great use by setting up a network of computers for the teachers and students. YAAPHA even coordinated for our family to go on a community outreach program to deliver food to local families in need. Several of my daughters still talk about the look of gratitude shared by families when we provided them with our small gift of food. After our time with YAAPHA, my family has definitely changed for the better. My daughters have talked about returning to Pasua to volunteer again and many of us have already discussed how we can continue sponsoring children. This program will last with my family forever.