Review of Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation by Matilde Andersen

on 11/05/2017

A wonderful experience

Volunteering at Safisha Africa has been an amazing experience. I volunteered at safisha two months earlier this year.
Alice is a smart, hardworking woman who takes very well care of all her volunteers. Alice’s house is completely safe, close to the mall and public transport. I am a vegetarian, but Alice was so nice to make sure that there was something I could eat. When I was sick she was very caring. I think there is no better way to experience the Kenyan culture than to live with a family like Alice’s – we were invited to her grandson’s baptism and to come and see Alice preach. If you want to you can make lots of new friends in the house.
The most amazing part about the experience was of course the children. They have so much energy and they really want to learn. Personally I wouldn’t stay for less than one month as you want to get to know the children well. In the beginning I assisted a Kenyan teacher. Later I started to teach a class myself and to take a child out for private lessons.
I will never forget the wonderful children of Safisha!