Review of The Umtshayelo Foundation by Sarah Ha

on 03/12/2018

My volunteering experience

Last year in March my adventure started. After passing my high school diploma I was allowed to fly to South Africa and to start a two-month volunteering trip together with my friend Felizitas. I was so excited about the new adventure and was really looking forward to it.
It was always my dream to do volunteering work in another country. Helping others always makes me feel happy.
After a long flight we were warmly welcomed by Andrew (head oft he organisation). He took us to our host family. Our new home during our trip. Our host mum Sophia cared about us a lot. She was a good mum. I felt like home while I stayed with her and her family.
Now to our work for TUF.
We worked from Monday to Thursday for the organisation. The weekend was free and we had time to explore Capetown and the surrounding area.
Every Thursday we severed breakfast and prepared a warm meal for seniors.
There was lots of work to do for about 70 seniors every week. We prepared the meals early in the morning. All the seniors were so grateful that they could spend their time with friends at the Tuf centre. On easter they even got little presents.
It made me so happy to talk with them and to see how thankful they are.
Every midday during the week the students came after school to the Tuf Centre. They got a warm meal there, too. After lunch they had to do their homework and had to learn for a test. I helped to study with the kids. Most oft them had problems in math. Some needed more help others less. The students were between 12-18 yeras old. They were all open towards me and I could talk with them a lot. They were interested in my german culture and always friendly to me. It was an amazing time with the students. They worked hard at school to reach a good exam and to have chances to reach a good job in the future.
The organisation offers this possibilty. The students have the chance to learn and get help at the Tuf centre. Some students don’t get support at home, but that’s what they need for a good scholastic career.
I was even in high-school for 3 weeks to support the teachers and to get to know the school system. It was quiet different compared to Germany. I joined Africans, English and Biology class. It was very interesting, but the 3 weeks were enough because the older students didn’t need that much help.
On the weekends we explored Capetown and the surrounding area. We visited Table Mountain (which was my favourite), Robben Island, Boulders Beach, Cape of good hope and Muizenberg. We did wine tasting, a safari tour, went to food markets and a lot more. Andrew accompained us. One week we had the possibility to stay at a friends house and enjoyed Langebaan. South Africa is definitely worth to visit. There is so much to see. The people are so friendly and grateful and so positive. I will never forget this journey. I felt very well, because I was warmly received by all the Tuf members. I can only recommend it to everyone.


Organization Response

Dearest Sarah, thank you for taking the time to write this review. It was really our pleasure to host both of you and we are grateful to have you serve our seniors and students so well. All the very best.