Review of ONG PADMA by Lisa Vo Bo

on 28/10/2017

An excellent experience!

As a psychology student I had the opportunity to volunteer for half a year (September 2016 - February 2017) in Villa El Salvador, Lima, with Padma.
During my stay, I took part in several projects including work with children, adolescents and adults, especially women with difficult backgrounds. It was a really interesting work and I had a lot of fun while learning a lot both for my personal and professional development.

Padma's team is really nice and helps you a lot but you can expect to have room for your own creativity and ideas - a great mixture!
In "Vacaciones divertidas" (summer project from January -February 2017), we had an international team with mostly students volunteering for the daily activities with children from the neighborhood. It was fun and a really good team!

I can clearly recommend volunteering with Padma :-)