Review of FEMM Ecuador by Carla Lodeiros

on 06/12/2018

My experience collaborating in FEMM has been wonderful!

My experience collaborating in FEMM has been wonderful. To start Pedro is a very good host, I felt very welcome and as if I were at home. With him you can have very interesting conversations and you can ask everything about the foundation and marine mammals, because it is his passion and he is always willing to explain to you or I would say better that he could give you particular classes. With him I passed an unforgettable month.

We went out for a boat trip to El Manglar, El Morro, Province of Guayas, and I remember it with a lot of happiness as I had time to get a bath. Some days before going, Pedro explained me the whole proceeding. He gave me bibliography to read and we did several tests with the camera since it requires a lot of precision because with the movement of the boat and cetaceans, it is difficult to take good pictures, and these must be a good job to entered correctly into the computer program. We took measures of salinity and temperature, we made photo identification and with the help of a template that he gave me, we estimated the number of individuals as well as their behavior.

During the free time I could chat peacefully with Pedro and when he had time, he took me to visit the best places in the area, like the marine lions of Salinas, some restaurants and he also advised me of other incredible places to visit.

The room was comfortable and big enough for me and he gave me the space I needed, he had also 2 beautiful dogs super adorables that I loved.

I would definitely recommend this experience to all lovers of nature and cetaceans and to anyone who likes to have fun, as Pedro is always in a good mood, ready to make jokes.