Review of Minmahaw School by Jordan Alexandra

on 11/01/2016

Minmahaw: The school of 'phun'

I was granted the opportunity to teach at Minmahaw from August 2014-June 2015 thus allowing me to be a part of the academic year and summer school session.

Minmahaw School is unique to other schools on the border, Myanmar and really the world. The philosophy of the school is centered around inclusion, confidence building, learning a variety of skills and having 'phun.' The previous principal instilled the importance of the students having 'phun' or in true English terms 'fun' in order to contrast previous rote learning most students experienced in Myanmar as a means to build each student's confidence. This is the main approach that makes Minmahaw so unique.

I was able to have the freedom to teach a variety of subjects from English to Frisbee to pop culture to drama to social studies. I was not expected to be an expert and was supported wherever I need it by the wide array of skilled returning teachers. If I wanted to take on a different project like a fundraiser, I was supported to do so.

There is not one area where Minmahaw is lacking. The students, teachers, volunteers, management team, and school dog are rewarding to work with.
Although I am not teaching at Minmahaw anymore, they still include me in the Minmahaw family for events, dinners, trips which shows how strong the bond is between the school and its volunteers.

I would recommend any volunteer with a love of learning and teaching (usually simultaneously!) to come to Minmahaw and become part of the family.