Review of Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS by anton

on 30/09/2019

Second review after Peter response

My second review on Yaapha. After I got Peter response.
I just wanna tell you this and be very honest.

Imagine yourself going to volunteer for 3 weeks for the first time alone in your life. You put all your effort to come ready for the volunteer, paying 600-700$ (35$ even when the other volunteer there paying 15$ and you're in the same program). You study all the teaching program that you will be responsible for. them to come prepared. And then you're arriving to the airport and because of a mistake they charge you 55$ just to the drive from the airport to Moshi. (after a few weeks the same driver told me that it costs 40$ the same drive so I really don’t know why they charge me 55$ and I didnt pay the taxi but I paid to peter on Paypal [paypal it’s not illegal in tanzania] )

Then you arrive to the volunteer house and you stay there alone for a few days. You understand that there are no volunteers that are coming. And the children are on vacation until next week (Peter told me nothing about that). Also when Peter told me that the volunteer is only 4 hours each day, I thought I will busy we the children all day long.
at that point most of you probably will decide to stay in this kind of place.

Then another guy coming to the volunteer who have been there for 3 weeks and this guy telling you at 12:00 midnight
“there are lying to you they are all liars”
“they doing everything for the money”
“leave this place as quick you can i’m leaving at night”

I had nightmares in this night like probably most of you will have (I don't know this guy and I don't know if its true or not ). At this point I decided not to stay there and tell Peter I’m leaving and I had more reasons but they don’t really matter. Peter told me that this guy causes them problems and Peter still let this guy stay.

Afterwards(2 month) Peter told me that this guy was disturbing girls to have sex with him and still Peter let this guy stay there and volunteer with kids. (picture for proof).
I didn't tell Peter about the guy because I was scared this guy could hurt me. This guy told me that he was a drug dealer and show picture of drugs I didn't want to share that because that's private man life’s but After Peter response I wanna say everything that really happened.I decide to leave like most of you probably will do.

About the part in Peter response that he saying that
“volunteering needs people who are open minded and willing to tackle challenges and able to learn from us, to learn our culture and traditions” after I left I went to Upendo house (orphanage) and I stayed there for 3 week. So really don't have any problem with taking challenges and learn the culture and traditional I have problem to go volunteer with scammer and dishonest people.
Peter promised me that I will get my Refund (picture for proofs). I didn't get any refund.
Peter promise me to give me updates (picture for proof). I didn't get any updates.
I was talking with Peter on Instagram chat cause he didn't answer my Message and email.

I want to be honest and say the refund is not a big matter for me. cause for me the refund. Could be an opportunity for Peter to prove that he is honest and a man of his word. but he his not. And I’m telling this now on public if I will get the money I will donate it for war on cancer ( and I will send the confirmation here.

Organization Response

Before a volunteer apply to come and volunteer with us, you have to read the below texts and click to accept or if you think your not in the position to accept , you just ignore it and not moving forward to the application system.


In the event of volunteer Participant cancellation of YAAPHA Program, volunteer participants must inform YAAPHA offices in writing via e-mail or mail with confirmation receipt by YAAPHA. No verbal cancellations will be accepted. Any and all monies cannot be transferred to a different volunteer Participant. Volunteer In addition to YAAPHA, Participants must also inform their travel insurance provider of cancellation. If the reason for cancellation falls within the terms and conditions of the Participant’s insurance policy, then the provider may refund the Participant. If the Participant’s insurance claim is denied, Participant may then submit proof of denial to YAAPHA, and the Cancellation Policy below will apply.
Since YAAPHA is liable to 3rd party vendors for any and all financial commitments made on behalf of volunteer Participants for necessary program arrangements prior to departure dates, upon YAAPHA’s receipt of volunteer Participant’s written cancellation, volunteer Participants will incur cancellation charges associated with expenses and costs suffered by YAAPHA for the volunteer Participant’s Program. The date of cancellation is defined as the date that YAAPHA received volunteer Participant’s written cancellation notification.
All program fee deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Deposits are, however, good for life as long as the Participant cancels in writing at least 70 days prior to departure. If the cancellation is within 70 days, below Cancellation Policy will take effect. Note: ALL deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable to a different person than the participant.
Because YAAPHA makes financial commitments on behalf of Participants prior to departure dates, cancellation fees are applicable per person based on days before cancellation as follows:

Cancellation Dates & Corresponding Fees
If you cancel your trip with…
-70 days or more prior to departure: All deposit(s) are non-refundable, but good for life!
-69 to 50 days prior to departure: Loss of 50% of total program cost, including non-refundable deposit(s). A $150 fee reinstates non-refundable deposit(s) or applies deposit to the remaining balance of an existing trip.
-49 to 31 days prior to departure: Loss of 75% of total program cost, including non-refundable deposit. A $150 fee reinstates non-refundable deposit(s) or applies deposit to the remaining balance of an existing trip.
-30 days or less prior to departure: Loss of 100% of total program cost, including non-refundable deposit(s).
-Failure to show up: Loss of 100% of total program cost, including non-refundable deposit(s).

Please note that the above cancellation policy does not include airfare. Any cancellation refunds will be processed at the end of the YAAPHA program term. If cancellation reasons are within the terms of Participant’s travel cancellation insurance policy, then the Participant should inform his/her insurance carrier for possible reimbursement.

Absence from the program
If any participant does not report on the program already signed up by him/her within a period of five (5) days from the program start date without providing any notice, such program will be deemed to have been cancelled.
Participants can commence their program any time after the scheduled start of their programs so long as they provide sufficient notice to Volunteering Journeys on their late arrival. However, no portion of the program fee for the absence period will be refunded.

Volunteer program fees may differ regarding the financial status of a person , and organization have the mandate to negotiate and listen from the volunteer side and decide whether its wealth enough or not, that's why you see the different . IF we put a fixed day price it doesn't matter , if you think your not in the position to afford the $35 or any kind of fee announced , a volunteer may speak out to the responsible person and you may start making the negotiations up to the end you finalize the price. Example the guy your talking about , he said he can't afford $40 or $35 a day and explained to us the budget he has which was 300 Euros per month . After we agreed to the office we passed his application. That's why we request to all of our volunteers before they accept their engagements , we needs to have a call on Skype or any means of communication in order we can hear from them, and also if the volunteer have questions or expectations that's the right time to speak out with the responsible person.

And you have to know, the organization is not belongs to Peter, YAAPHA is a community based organization that's why we involve people to all of our plans and decisions. Starting the section of Administration, Financial and other parts are managed with other people . Peter is just like an Umbrella , but all the Organization programs and plans are approved by the board of Directors. Its true we have been in communication regarding your issue , but after I presented that to issue to my team they refused and they said we have to follow all the procedures and terms and conditions. And they reminded me the above information .

Regarding why I did not chase the guy after accusation , I solved the problem after we sat all together between that guy and the lady and the the guy apologized and we moved on with the program.

As a leader of the organization , I can't jump into conclusion after listen in one side , I need to make sure to listen to both sides and provide my decisions.

If that guy spoke to you about his business and showed you pictures , Who did you inform ? Because those are the huge accusations you supposed to inform us in order to take charges immediately.

You have to remember , every person who are coming to Tanzania they came from their different backgrounds and behaviors. So its very hard for us as Organization to know until we see it or someone informs us and solve that problem ASAP.

According to the Volunteer Agreement on section 13, States that "Resolution of Problems, you can raise matters with your working area or YAAPHA staff , if the matter is not resolved to the satisfaction of either party you can contact the project Coordinator Or equivalent of the YAAPHA ."

The question is, who or where did you raise your issue ? To whom or did you report your issue to the Project Coordinator Or to any Staff member ? .

As from our last response , your not in the position to receive the Refund or any kind of benefits .