Review of TeachPTY by Rhenaud Hette

on 22/08/2017

Definitely the best way to explore and travel while helping the local community in Panama !!

My experience as a volunteer at TeachPTY is definitely one of the best thing that I ever did so far!
The feeling of being helpful and useful is something that you can really feel while teaching and I love it! The way how the kids learn english is really entertaining and they're having so much fun to do it.
Moreover, the free week-ends allow you to explore Pedasi and the rest of Panama. I have discovered some amazing places like playa Venao, Bocas del Toro, Boquete, El Valle de Anton, Panama city, many places in Pedasi and met many friends on the road.
If you're looking for a cross-cultural and sharing experience, TeachPTY is definitely for you! What I love is the way you can mix trips and improvements of the local community by teaching. Help develop the future of the kids is priceless and their joy will fill your heart!
I've spent 10 weeks in Pedasi and I can assure you that it's all worth it.
Jose and Vero are also lovely! They always share their knowledge about the good tips in Panama, the local traditions that no book will cover about Panama and the tasty Panamanian food. I am experiencing the real PANAMA !
They will for sure be your mates and make you feel comfortable and at home.
You'll definitely come back with your mind changed and your head full of wonderful memories.
Rhenaud, 21 years old, French