Review of Himalayan Volunteering Opportunities by Aleksandra Novikova

on 20/07/2019

Amazing experience

You might wonder what it is like working with children from a remote village in India as a foreign volunteer. Well, there are some things you have to be prepared for. Every time you come to school you have to be ready to find children truly excited and happy to see you. You have to be ready for big smiles, spontaneity, and genuine curiosity from each and every one of them.
Children`s minds are simple, straight, open and transparent. Dealing with this purity you might find something which was almost forgotten and lost in your own life. Eventually, you'll ask yourself, who teaches whom? You? Or are the greatest teachers right here in front of you?
At the same time you`ll find something you can share with them too. Something really important. You may find that in your hands is the responsibility of making a difference in their lives, just by giving them a chance to learn about the outside world.
You might wonder how you can influence them just in a couple of weeks. In fact, for children every moment you spend with them can become a vital seed which grows into hope and an inspiration for a better future.
I volunteered for 2 weeks in Karadhi for a fundraising project at the local school. It was an incredible experience for me spending quality time there.
Naveen, the volunteer co-ordinator, is a very kind and warm-hearted person who makes you feel comfortable at all times. He works with full intent and energy on providing a better future to the local community and children from this remote village in the Himalayas. The world definitely needs more people like Naveen in it. Thank you for everything!
I was staying with a local family. It was a great chance to learn and understand Indian culture, live the village life and be part of community events. The place is beautiful and authentic and filled with amazing friendly people.
I`m grateful for the unique opportunity to contribute to this project!

Organization Response

Thank you Shasha for visiting us. Words won't suffice and justify your pure heart, noble deeds and love for local culture. Thank you so once again for your valuable time, dedicated efforts and above all your thankful nature. We wish you all the best for your future endeavor.