Review of Human Harmony Nepal by Clara Bader

on 26/03/2020

Clara Bader - my five months in Nepal

I have volunteered with Human Harmony Nepal and lived with a Nepali family for the past five months and it was truly an amazing experience.
I organized workshops about health, hygiene and woman empowerment. We spoke to the women and students directly and started a conversation about otherwise often tabu topics. Thanks to that direct contact you see the impact you can make. Also, we organized two upcoming soap projects, which will ensure financial independence for the women. Personally, I learned so much about myself, about starting my own projects and most of all learned to appreciate things I took for granted before.
My Nepali family took me in as one of their own from the first day I came. They celebrated (a very different but wonderful) Christmas with me, Ama (Nepali for mother) took care of me when I was sick and my siblings quickly became my best friends.
If you look for an adventure, a way of giving back or an insight into Nepali culture all while being surrounded by supportive and loving people Human Harmony Nepal is the right place for you!
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