Review of Iracambi by Valeria Baduell

on 13/07/2019

Time to Change

I volunteered at Iracambi for 2 months and it was the most eye-opening experience I've had in my life. Although it was a difficult transition from the city to the country life, I opened up to learn as much as possible about the Atlantic Forest and Brazilian culture. If you are thinking whether or not to go, just do it. It might be the craziest, most adventurous, relaxing, and insightful trips you could ever go. I learned that the most "out of my comfort" I am, the more I grow as a person and a professional. I even learned Portuguese and found myself speaking and translating to locals! Without a doubt, I recommend this place as it changed me to be a better version of myself; an advocate for sustainability and for change. (May-July 2019)