Review of QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE, INC by Mouhamadou M Thiam

on 25/04/2018

A Foundation that many Africans countries would love to have is QSV!!!

I am proud to be a volunteer at this much needed Nonprofit organization. Volunteering for me is the chance i get to learn and increase my knowledge of what a organization is. I have seen with my own eyes the importance of QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE is to the people. Frankly we need a QSV in every village in Senegal because the need is great. There are so many people suffering.
QSV fundraises and that is a skill many educated locals need to learn including myself. Unfortunately many natives here are poor. I volunteer my coordinating and recruiting services and this is just one skill i have learned to do since I have joined the villagers and offer additional roles as I am trained along the way.
Volunteering for a organization I believe is awesome. The programs and events we have completed is wonderful and I would like to increase the efforts to give and perform more to assist the needy which there are a huge number of.
Apply to QSV and help us continue to aide humanity!