Review of Himalayan Volunteering Opportunities by Jorge jackson

on 22/04/2017

Amazing Experience!

I had initially opted for a 2 week stay at this project but ended up staying for around 3 weeks. It was my first time getting involved in a volunteer project and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I was nervous about volunteer, thinking there was potential for money making schemes but this is a genuine project where you do genuine work that mainly benefits the local school but you will also see your presence has a positive impact on the local community. You will be welcomed with open arms from the local community also, which makes your time at the project filled with love and joy. Although there is scope at this project to help out best where you can, Naveen, the project leader is always keen for new ideas to help the project. During my time I suggested a facebook page for volunteers to help manage and give insite into daily volunteer life, to help with keeping the project transparent and allow people to keep up to date with the project. So overall, amazing experience and would do it all over again! Thanks Naveen