Review of Sustainable Rural Community Development Organisation by KADRI KAKKUM

on 07/03/2016

Hands on volunteer experience

I volunteered for SURCOD from July-October in 2013. I was one of the two first volunteers and we worked with women groups who collected money to start small businesses together.

The experience was intense and we learned a lot. While living in the small village in Chididi without electricity nor running water, the SURCOD staff member Chisomo helped us to integrate to the life of rural Malawi - cooking food in fire, brining water, translating between English and Chichewa, finding our ways to women groups and so much more. As living together for 3 months, she became a true sister for us. The help of the other local volunteers was also priceless - they gave us a lot of time and care.

The work included organising and giving trainings on entrepreneurship and saving - and why these things are important. It actually included a lot more: dancing and singing at the beginning and end of EACH training. Learning what it means to karibu and to be open. The whole experience was so full and powerful, the words really cannot say enough. I met a lot of strong people in Chididi and Nsanje who were all connected to the NGO and to whom I am still grateful for giving us the opportunity.