Review of One Heart Christian Foundation by Jente Ellenkamp

on 12/02/2016

Loving, caring and amazing!

One Heart Christian Foundation is a great organisation to do work with.
The family you stay with is great! You feel so welcome!
Everything is so well organised. And you can also do extra projects beside helping out at the school. For example, there's always more to do when it's a special holiday.
The organisation is very flexible and they will help you in any way they can!
It's just so comfortable to work with them.
There is always a possibility to discuss what ever needs to be talked about and there is never any problems.
They will make sure you have a really good time!
I think it's a good thing you live with the person who runs the organisation because it's much closer to you and you know what's going on and what's happening.
It's an organisation that just started but it's already so good and trustworthy! And that's very nice to see.
One Heart Christian Foundation is an organisation you can depend on!
And what i find the best is that you really can make a difference! You can really help out and it's so appreciated! Just the way you get to know everybody is great and an amazing experience!