Review of ETIV do Brasil by Eva Melissa

on 23/11/2018

Great Experience and Beautiful Town

Volunteering for ETIV was an amazing experience! I volunteered for 3 months and since the organization is relatively new, I had a lot of opportunities to use my personal strengths while receiving great support and mentorship from the staff. ETIV encourages an entrepreneur mindset and welcomes fresh minds!

I learned so much as the Marketing Coordinator and English Teacher, and I really enjoyed my time in the field with the kids, learning from them and the community. I was even able to learn speaking Portuguese, which helped me to bond better with the locals and make the most of my experience.

For those who are truly interested in social project, volunteer experiences are always gratifying, but by volunteering with ETIV you also get to live in one of the most beautiful towns in brazil, which makes the whole experience even better.