Review of Esperanza Verde International by Lotti Nuss

on 24/01/2018

Best time of my life

I you're considering going to Esperanza Verde right now, let me help you: do it.
I was there for 3 months in 2016, I didn't regret a day, I wished to stay longer and I will be going back soon.
Even though it scared me a bit in the beginning to go on such an adventure, it was absolutely worth it.
In my time there I learned more than I have ever learned in such a short period of time, about the animals, the nature, people, cultures, languages and myself.
I had so much fun with all the people I met from all over the world, talking, drinking, singing, playing card games, swimming, going on walks, working...and made friends that I still got contact with. As well as the dutch family that runs the place, who are so lovely and who I really miss as well.
I lived in this beautiful nature that Ive only ever seen in documentaries and that surprised and astonished me everyday. And even though I thought the primitive way of living would be a challenge, I actually especially enjoyed it.
I worked a lot and even though its hard work, especially in the heat and surrounded by mosquitoes, I felt that its absolutely worth it, it was the most enjoyable work Ive ever done.
Most importantly I worked with and for all these amazing animals that really deserve to get the best possible life. Having the opportunity to get close to them, see their behavior, be surrounded by them just always managed to make me happy.

I can only recommend it to you, go there and have the best experience imaginable :)