Review of SOLIDASUR by Christopher Ducksch

on 07/08/2018

The local team do a great job of facilitating volunteers

There were a lot of highlights, but I think learning a popular salsa song alongside the kids in preparation for their end of schoolyear party sticks out the most. We all laughed at me stumbling over the lyrics in the beginning but we worked on it every day for weeks and eventually I got it! Not only was it fun and helpful for learning Spanish, but it is STILL stuck in my head, months later! Those unexpected cultural exchanges are the kind of thing I will treasure most. The local team do a great job of facilitating volunteers. They were available & responsive anytime I had a question or needed something. They provide regular social opportunities too, which I thought was quite nice to bring everyone working different projects together and for us to socialize with them in a way that felt like we were locals. The number one tip for volunteers is to be flexible! You are in a foreign country where things may work very differently from what you are used to. You are living and working alongside people with different backgrounds from you. Don't have rigid expectations or you will surely be disappointed. Just be open-minded and flexible and enjoy this incredible experience to give of your time and energy and learn a new place!