Review of Nourish by Christopher Byatt

on 20/03/2018

Summer well spent

I spent a summer colunteering with nourish in Acornhoeck in South Africa, and it was a really great experience! While working there I helped on a wide array of projects, from teaching kids in the after school programme, to painting the crèche. The work is really rewarding and you really are made to feel like an important and valued member of the team.
Outside of the volunteer work I carried out, there is a great community among the volunteers and the social life is amazing! Not only was I working to make a difference during the week but I had such a good time relaxing or going out at weekends.
Nourish is a 20 Minute drive from the amazing Krueger park allowing for some safari, and it is close to many mountain trails for hiking, for example.
I would definitely recommend volunteering at nourish!