Review of NGO Oye LENA by Hannah Landwirt

on 26/11/2017

Oye LENA - a perfect place to do volunteer work

Casa Lena is a beautiful place in the Peruvian mountains next to the small town of Curahuasi. From the very first moment on I felt at home there and I knew I was going to have a great time. Oye LENA is such an inspiring project! I enjoyed every single day I could be part of it and every minute I spent with all these great people and precious children.
Every morning at nine, we picked up the children with special needs whom we were teaching until noon. For me this was the first time working in this area and I am grateful for this rewarding experience. In the afternoons, we always had a lot of fun with the preschoolers and their older sisters and brothers who were invited to join the project during their holidays in January and February. After enjoying their hot meal we played together until classes started with our daily welcome circle. Since it was holidays classes focused on playful learning and we did a lot of creative and sportive activities, puzzles and smart and multisensory games. The hours passed by quickly and far too early it was time for the children to step into our bus to be brought home.
Further highlights of my stay were our visit to the orphanage of Chachora and the days we spent with the children in the thermal baths of Cconoc. Another great event was the "fiesta de promoción" where we celebrated a big party to say goodbye to all the children leaving Oye LENA, because they started school at the beginning of March.
My eight weeks were over in no time at all and much too early I had to leave again. I did this with a heavy heart, but with a backpack full of great memories and experiences, many new friends that I will never forget and with the cutest godchild in the world. I really recommend this wonderful project to everyone who is searching for a place to do his internship or is just looking for the perfect location to do meaningful volunteer work. I myself would be more than happy to come back one day. For sure I would stay longer this time!