Review of La Esperanza Granada by

on 20/06/2016

Great experience in Granada!

I worked for La Esperanza Granada for two months and had a great time. The first week I was a teacher's assistant in one of the schools the organization is working in. That means I was in class with the teacher helping her with the kids, making them do their tasks and explain to them if they don't understand. I also did one on one tutoring after regular school hours. Although you need some patience here, it is definitely rewarding work to do. The other 7 weeks I spent working in the office as an PR and Communications Officer. I learned a lot about the difficulties an NGO in Nicaragua encounters and how we could best manage this charity organization with limited resources.

I would like to say that I am impressed with the quality of the other volunteers here. With so many (we have nearly 40 at the moment!), you'd think you'd run across more bad eggs. But really everyone here is wonderful, the housing is basic but nice, and the community fairly vibrant and supportive. Granada is a great place to base out of for weekend travel, but it's also a city that stands up pretty well on its own.

I would definitely recommend La Esperanza to others looking for a fulfilling long-term, low-cost volunteer placement!