Review of The Light and Leadership Initiative by Ian Craighead

on 27/08/2019

A Unique, Ethical Organization with Special People

I had the privilege of being a year long intern/volunteer with The Light and Leadership Initiative (LLI) and it will always have a special place in my heart. The organization is well organized and intentional about the work it does in the community - it sends volunteers pre-arrival resources that contextualize the volunteer experience, it provides adequate training (including cultural competency training (known as CASA training) and also offers monthly civic reflections to think intentially about international volunteering.

LLI also offers the opportunity to see amazing parts of Peru and join other volunteers and staff in weekend trips to see many different places. There is an opportunity to meet volunteers from all over the world (Mexico, Colombia, Israel, Slovakia, New Zealand) and to practice lots of Spanish!

If you are looking to teach a class (English, Art, Reading, Sport etc.) work with a Women's Empowerment Program, or to help out in the Teen Leadership classes, LLI is the place for you! I couldn't recommend it more highly!