Review of Ideal Society Nepal by Ideal Society Nepal

on 10/05/2018

My Experience Working With Ideal Society Nepal

I am pleased to work with 'Ideal Society Nepal'. I spent almost three and half months with these guys altogether. I really enjoyed working with all members of the NGO including their staffs. I have become so impressive with their smile and hospitality. I would like to say thanks to all colleague of mine who worked together with me during my stay there. They helped me in many ways when I was a new for that environment. I never get a chance to feel bore as they were really a kind and friendly. I love all the women and girls who were really hard working, patience, innocent and humorous despite their measurable conditions. I learned many new things including their traditionals which was a bit different from mine. I hope, they must have learned something new from me as well. The trainees used to remain so attentive when they were being taught something about personal development in the class room. I enjoyed a lot when we eat meals together with these people. I tried my level best to perform the responsibilities given to me by NGO administrator. I was able to learn so many sentences of local language that made me easy to communicate with the people in the field trip. The training project that was organized by the NGO was very systemic and effective. Since the NGO conducted the training in a friendly environment, all the trainees seemed happy and satisfied. I am sure that the training was a practical and applicable in order to empower the women and girls who were really vulnerable. At last, I would like to thank all the NGO family including trainees, volunteers, supporters who helped the NGO to accomplished its training project as succeed. I would like to work with this NGO time and again. If I get opportunity I wish the NGO may offer services in the same way forever.