Review of FreeWildlifeBrazil Celine by Dayron Sanchez

Great People, Great Program!

Hello Everyone, I am an Environmental Engineering major from Miami Florida and my last two months have been spent volunteering at Betary Reserve. The position that I undertook coming in was a Biological Research Assistant, this is a more specialized role in comparison to one of the other options such as eco-volunteer. Let me run through a typical day at the Reserve, we start our mornings at 9am with a group meeting detailing the task which we will be doing. In the morning the volunteers are usually together working on different inventory projects, some of the inventory are fish, tree, bird, mushroom, and habitat monitoring. In the afternoons I had a specialized project in which I was working with amphibians and was studying the effects of a deadly fungus called BD for short. It was great lab work experience and I really enjoyed my time working on these projects. The facilities at Betary Reserve were beyond amazing and they are just finishing up the new volunteer guest house which will be a great addition to the program. If you are looking for an organization to do research or gain some insight on what biological field research looks like than it will be a great fit. The staff is extremely friendly and I would consider them close friends after two months of being here. The volunteer coordinator goes above and beyond the call of duty and has been extremely helpful with even the smallest of inconveniences. Overall my time at Betary Reserve is one that I will never forget, the small town community, research experience, and working for a NGO that is making a difference is one that I will never forget.
on 03/08/2018