Khorshed Alam

GivingWay Ambassador™

Khorshed Alam
Joined on 10/12/2017 Born 15/01/1994
Information Management Associate of UNHCR. Looking forward to travel different country. Loves to make friends of different country with different culture. Humanitarian worker.

Europe, Brazil, Croatia, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Vietnam
Social Work
Women Empowerment
Information Management, Operations, Management, Training And Development, Admin
1.Director On Campus, Hult Prize Foundation , USA ( Sepember 01, 2017-Till date)
2. Honorary Volunteer, Fundraising Dept,Bangladesh Protibondhi (Works for special child) Foundation, Bangladesh (13 September,2016 - Till date)
3. Advisor, Manobota ( February,2017 - Till date)