Charlie Stone

GivingWay Ambassador™
United Kingdom

Charlie Stone
Joined on 23/06/2016 Born 25/01/1990
Travel addicted digital marketer and co founder of responsible travel website Backpacker Bible.. I have travelled extensively since 2013 and co founded Backpacker Bible in 2015 as a purely digital responsible travel guide. I believe the travel industry has huge potential to act as a force of good. I run a digital marketing company that allows me to work and live anywhere in the world. I have quite a lot of experience working with Non Profit organisations.

Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Central America, South America, The Caribbean, Costa Rica, Cuba, Madagascar, Vietnam
Animal Care
Web Work
Conservation Work
Human Rights Work
Women Empowerment
Graphic Design, Web Design, Marketing, Business Development
Nottingham Trent University Mentoring
Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand