Kristina Engelstone

GivingWay Ambassador™
United States

Kristina Engelstone
Joined on 22/04/2018. Born 23/01/1996
Hard-working, joyful human with a desire to better the world and the people in it.. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology from the University of Washington and have a deep passion for serving others. I have volunteered for a non-profit that fought to get women out of the sex-trafficking industry in Seattle, Washington. I have played college basketball, enjoy music, reading, hiking, backpacking and helping others. I worked in a research lab for 6 months focusing on drug design for tuberculosis and have experience volunteering in the Dominican Republic.

South Asia, South East Asia, India, Nepal, Timor-Leste
Human Rights Work
Social Work
Women Empowerment
Refugee Support
play piano, ukulele, sing, play basketball and practice yoga. I have a desire to learn and to give to others.
Administrative assistant for Seattle Against Slavery
Volunteer and mentor for Real Escape from the Sex Trade
I went to the Dominican Republic in 2014 for a month and worked at a summer camp.
Human Harmony Nepal
Amazing organization with many opportunities

"Human Harmony Nepal is doing such important things for a village that is in desperate need of help. The experience and knowledge I received is unprecedented and the avenues in which someone can volunteer are many. If you are passionate about helping women, teaching, agriculture, growing a business, writing policy... there are so many different ways you can lead in this NGO. We lead daily workshops and training sessions in the field and also work behind the scenes trying to grow the NGO. I was really lucky to have found Human Harmony Nepal and get to experience the life of a Nepali. It is an amazing experience and you will leave with a deeper appreciation for serving and the knowledge to do so.

If you have any hesitations feel free to email me at"

on 08/07/2018