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Jonny Bierman


Jonny Bierman
Joined on 30/05/2017 Born 16/01/1989
Ecotourism and sustainable travel is what I get excited about - creating a better world through what I know best, travel and tourism.. Grounded in the Canadian Rockies, I am an ecotourism and sustainable travel content creator who has made a career in travel media. I am the founder of the first community-based ecotourism content hub Eco Escape Travel, and I hope to grow this platform into the go-to place for sustainable travel content. Like many, I found a love for travel at a young age when I took my first '3-month' trip which evolved into an 18-month hiatus around the world when I was 19 - this got me hooked and I enrolled into Tourism Management at Vancouver Island University. When I'm not building my dream in media and ecotourism content development, I spend all of my spare time on skis, in a kayak, hiking mountains, or riding bikes.

South East Asia, Central America, South America, Brazil, Ecuador, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Sri Lanka
Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Archaeological Work
Conservation Work
- Visual and written content development - Destination media relations/influencer strategy - Ecotourism strategy - Accents - Beer pong
The Heart of Gold Community Empowerment Project, Costa Rica -