Adriana Smith

GivingWay Ambassador™
United States

Adriana Smith
Joined on 13/02/2018 Born 06/09/1988
Adriana, a Black Miami-born blogger and educator, was embarrassed when she got lost in Madrid during the first two days of her study abroad program. She immediately wanted to book a flight home, but couldn’t as she was a first-generation student with no extra money. Yet, that moment defined her entire travel journey. She discovered a new perspective to life: humility and global citizenry. Blown away by the rewarding experience, she devoted her personal and professional development to connecting purposefully to each country and city. She later volunteered in Quito, which inspired the launch of Travepreneur. Catered to new, minority travelers, she empowers them to be a Social Do-Gooder Traveling the World.

Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, North America, Europe, Middle East
Conservation Work
Human Rights Work
Web Work
Women Empowerment
Social Media Marketing
Content Creation/Blogging, Social Media/Marketing, Programming, Diversity Facilitator, Web design, Fitness/Football, Spanish
Volunteered in Quito, Ecuador - Street Market Children, UBECI