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Joined on 10/06/2017 Born 10/01/1985
I am Psychologyst. I am interested in work related to the humans rigths, specially child nd family. Currently I am working as staff member of Foster Families Programme that belongs to the Child and Family Office of the Goverment of La Pampa, Argentina. Also I am interested and working in the develeloped of a better attention in the perinatal area, that's why I am organizing with another colleague trainining and work shops about the Safe Matherhood Iniciative.

Central America, Dominican Republic
Human Rights Work
I could work with others interested in the same proposals, responsible, creative, and love my profession.
I have been working as volunteer in non-govermental organizations related with poverty and homeless. Besides, I have been a staff member volunteer of the Health Mental Service of a Child and Moher Hospital of Buenos Aires.
Clara applied to volunteer with Mi casa en Ipauratu inColombia
Updatedon 27/06/2017
Mi casa en Ipauratu

Clara applied to volunteer with Caras Alegres inGuatemala
Updatedon 12/06/2017
" I would like to be part of the proposals that you already are doing, giving my tools and attention as psychology "
Caras Alegres