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“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live” -Unknown-

About Me

Free spirited psychologist; action researcher & volunteer. I enjoy life to the fullest! I’m an advocate for sustainable travelling, responsible tourism ethical consumer behaviour and conservation. I am passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge and experiences, empowering, inspiring and promoting creative thinking and global-minded values. I have great interest in education and in living, working and volunteering in different countries. I’m always open to opportunities to use my experience, talents and skill to empowering communities, women and marginalized or disadvantaged youth. I’m interested also in animal rescue, sustainable development, community outreach and health and well-being projects.

Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, South America, Europe, The Caribbean

Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Archaeological Work
Conservation Work
Disaster Relief
Arts and Crafts
Women Empowerment
Social Work

Adaptability and resilience, Cross-Cultural Communication, Counselling, Mentoring, Coaching, Teaching & Training, Social Networking, Project Management, Quantitative & Qualitative Research, Data Gathering & management, Occupational Health & Safety, sustainable Leadership, Community development, Analytical and Problem-Solving, Leadership, Bilingual (English-Spanish).

Coins for Change Vietnam (C4C), I-First International (Malaysia); Persatuan Sahabat Buku Malaysia(PSBM) . Currently Volunteering at CWF in Cambodia.

Volunteering Journal

'There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer'

on 06/10/2016 Malaysia
My las night as volunteer in Hanoi with my fabulous team. Together we faced and overcome a lot of obstacles, and also enjoy what Hanoi offered us. Now is time to move on to the next volunteer placement -with a different organization. I will miss my team and Thach Banh students, but I'm ready to turn to a new chapter :)

The Thach Banh Wonder Women :)

on 06/10/2016 Malaysia
My amazing students set out a yummy farewell dinner for me! These ladies are strong and determine to become the best version of themselves. And I am proud of them!

Thach Banh Class

on 25/09/2016
This is my favorite group! I'm happy to have the opportunity to work with them. They are young professional women who invests their little free time in improving their English skills and becoming agents of change in their community. I've learned a lot from them!

a working Sunday afternoon ...

on 12/09/2016 Vietnam
I joined C4C to work as a psychologists and help developing a wellness program for single moms. But as we all know, volunteering and community development projects never go according to plan. We have to be flexible and willing to adapt and learn to let go. The original plan was to create e-learning modules for the community of single moms and young women in Hanoi. But we had to rethink and change plans. So with the support of the volunteer team I started to organize and running trial sessions of we started calling 'wellness activities' These weekly wellness activities help us to get better sense of what the community really needs. The activities take place once a week and each week it is a different topic. Running a weekly activity works well for us all; and it provide us with writing material. And in my case these activities are my source of teaching material for my wonder women's class ;) and work as need assessment to improve and redesign of the wellness program e-module idea.

Here at the Tay Ho house, beside the teaching, we also work on marketing, fundraising, business plan, organizing activities, helping with the cleaning, coaching and cheering up 'our single moms', and lately attempting to educate our teach assistant. We also look after the babies when their moms are busy, taking their English lessons or need a little 'me time'. And each of us write blogspots related to the wellness activity we run in our free time. Thus, at the Tay Ho house weekends are hectic, and we don't get much rest. Most of us have teaching before and after the wellness activity. And for some the commuting to and from their teaching places takes about 5hours of our day. On Monday mornings we are exhausted! But yesterday I was able to have a calm afternoon. My class was cancelled because my student is attending a 2days workshop. So, I invested my time working on the next house activity and my writing, while having coffee with my friend at a cafe ...

a good starting point

on 12/09/2016 Vietnam
when I arrive 10 weeks ago Thien did not understand English and didn't interact much volunteers. That didn't prevent me from befriending Thien and her lovely baby boy. Through my attempts to communicate with Thien I saw unclosed the struggle of young single moms in this part of the world... After 5 living in the shared house with single moms and struggling young women, I managed to become Thien's English tutor and we started to learn from each other. I use English as empowering tool to enable young woman like Thien to be independent :) ...

Organizations I Support

Turtle Watch Camp Malaysia
Coins for Change Vietnam
International Care Ministries