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Volunteer Abroad in Archaeological Work

The Life Development Center

Chiangmai, Thailand, South East Asia.
Accommodation Meals
84% response rate , 7 hour(s) response time.
We are a small Thai local non-profit based in Chiang Mai. Our mission is to improve living and environmental conditions for vulnerable tribal communities in Northern Thailand.

Mithila Wildlife Trust

Volunteer in their Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation programs!

Janakpur, Nepal, South Asia.
100% response rate , 23 hour(s) response time.
A charity conserving natural resources and wildlife in Nepal. Our activities includes 1. Environmental and wildlife awareness activities, 2. Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation activities, 3. Sustainable management of Dhanushadham Protected Forest and 4. Sustainable development programmes.

We are registered charity to collection, reserching, archiving folk music, folk musicl instruments, folk dance in Nepal.

Living Traditions Museum

Changunarayan, Nepal, South Asia.
Restoration and museum

The Tel Burna Archaeological Project

near Qiryat Gat, Israel, Europe.
Join us for archaeological excavations at Tel Burna.

We are working in archelogyst, forest, tourism and charity with small schools.


Nagaon, India, South Asia.
Accommodation Meals
We are a non profit working for socio cultural development of indigeneous people of north east india

We are history finders organisation in Romania


Accommodation Meals
Environmental education projects in wilderness protected areas.
Bringing Value to Society through Ecology, Sport and Culture.

Fundación Verde Milenio

Accommodation Meals
We are a non profit organization based in Ecuador working in sustainable development projects all over the country collaborating with local communities through different projects: ecotourism, conservation, social inclusion, education and volunteer