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Volunteer Abroad doing Archaeological Work

The Life Development Center

Chiangmai, Thailand, South East Asia.
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96% response rate , 41 hour(s) response time.
We are a small Thai local Ngo. base in Chiangmai Thailand

The Tel Burna Archaeological Project

near Qiryat Gat, Israel, Middle East.
Join us for archaeological excavations at Tel Burna.

We are working in archelogyst, forest, tourism and charity with small schools.


Nagaon, India, South Asia.
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We are a non profit working for socio cultural development of indigeneous people of north east india

We are history finders organisation in Romania


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Environmental education projects in wilderness protected areas.
Bringing Value to Society through Ecology, Sport and Culture.


Guaranda, Ecuador, South America.
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We are a charity to benefic poor artisans in andean region of Ecuador

Scientific institution with a social view

Wiracocha Foundation we rescue, protect and promote the products of the our biodiversity, for a sustainable future.

praderas incas

Vicso - ConcepciĆ³n - Junin, Peru, South America.
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We work in bio-agriculture and art as with rural school children.

Latest Reviews

Best Learning Experience and a Good Cause reviewed by Josephine Brysting
"My four weeks of volunteering in Chang Dao and Pai was a fantastic learning experience. The families were welcoming; including us in their day-to-day rituals and cooking delicious Thai food for us. We helped build a nursery, participated in sustainable farming planting pineapples and Tik wood as well as built a water reservoir. We cooperated with the villagers and enjoyed working as a team with the most positive spirit! Would highly recommend this learning rich experience where your contribution is to a good cause."
15 days ago