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Volunteer in Bangladesh in Fundraising

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We are working for humanity.social economic development on non profit basis in Bangladesh.

Youth Service Organization

LEDARS is a NGO working for Climate Change Resilience, WASH, Environment conservation in coastal area of Bangladesh.

SADD is a Non-Government, Non-Profit, Non-Political, Non-Religious, Independent and Development organisation.

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Friends of Basha works alongside a social enterprise called Basha to provide support and services for women at risk and survivors of trafficking to escape exploitation, rebuild their lives, and break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

Mother and Family Care Ltd

Contribute to Women Empowerment in Bangladesh!

To promote economic empowerment for benefitting marginalised women in urban and rural through enteprise development

Films 4 Peace Foundation is the independent advocacy organization that uses films and strategic communication to expose global problems and to promote solutions that are essential to build a peaceful future

We are working for HUMANITY!

we non prifit negetive blood group organisation which works for free emergency negetive group blood and awrness about its related some problem which people are not awered.