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Volunteer in Brazil in Teaching related activities

Biodiversity Research Institute

Learn about eco-conservation with a group of volunteers in Brazil over the summer!

Iporanga, Brazil.
September 10 - December 3, 2018
Learn about biodiversity and eco-conservation with a group of volunteers in Brazil! This includes wild animal inventory, tree inventory, grounds maintenance, and more.

Biodiversity Research Institute

Come to Brazil and learn more about Biodiversity & the Environment!

Iporanga, Brazil, South America.
87% response rate
The Biodiversity Research Institute is a nonprofit NGO that develops biodiversity research and environmental education programs for the purpose of ecological conservation.

Casa do Caminho

Xerem, Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America.
93% response rate
We are a social organization that helps and supports underprivileged children in rural areas


Rosario de Limeira, Brazil, South America.
100% response rate
Iracambi is a Brazilian and US registered organisation, located in one of the world’s top biodiversity hotspots, The Atlantic Forest. Our objective is to discover better ways of caring for the forest, and to protect the extraordinary biodiversity found here, whilst also generating forest-based incom

91% response rate
ETIV do Brasil links international volunteers with local communities to support environmental conservation and development in Brazil

We make the difference in our society with wrestling and education


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America.
77% response rate
We care about underprivileged children and young people living in favelas in Rio de Janeiro, teach them valuable life & academic skills and foster their character and development towards becoming positive members of their community.​

Project Favela

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America.
79% response rate , 24 hour(s) response time.
We are the best little pre school in the world! Project Favela operates a school in favela Rocinha here in Rio de Janeiro Brazi. We are getting results nobody thought we could with our kids. We have a unique teaching system and an intense curriculum for our students. We are a one of a kind project!

Guerreiros Da Luz

Morro de São Paulo Tinharé, Brazil, South America.
GDL is a small local charity based in Morro de São Paulo on the island of Tinharé. We are looking for volunteers to help us build and run a cultural centre. The building has already begun but we need more helping hands as we want to finish the construction as soon as possible.

Projeto Soprar

Provide Social Service through educational support and vulnerability mitigation!

Campinas, Brazil, South America.
Social service through educational support and vulnerability mitigation.

art, education and human rights (popular education and theater of the oppressed)