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Volunteer in Central America doing Social Work work

English Volunteers for Change

Accommodation Meals
We teach English to Costa Ricans in order to give them tools for employment.

Instituto Ochoch Hikeek

Accommodation Meals
Mayan institution Ochoch Hik´eek is an educational institution aiming to contribute towards the formation of the future leaders who will work looking for the solutions to community problems, appreciate the human rights of Mayan land, in the framework of the multicultural state of Guatemala.

Ometepe Bilingual School

Accommodation Meals
Ometepe Bilingual is a Free of Charge Elementary Bilingual School that provides a strong education to local children through small class sizes, quality nutrition and community engagement while simultaneously reducing pollution of the natural biosphere reserve.

We see organizational strengthening as an entity for overcoming and developing fully the communities, the most vulnerable organized groups or movements such as children, adolescents and youth, widowed women, single mothers, or women in situations of prostitution or prostitution.

Honduras Children Inc.

El Porvenir, Dept. Atlantida, Honduras, Central America.
We are a charity that works to improve the lives of impoverished children of Honduras.


San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico, Central America.
Uekani is a Franco-Mexican assocation created so that the native inhabitants can speak, be heard and sell their creations for what they are truly worth.

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Tierra Roja Cuxtitali is a community center for children and adults that develops intellectual, productive and communication skills that promote a constructive intercultural dialogue within the neighborhood of Cuxtitali in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

Latest Reviews

Great Organization! reviewed by Sarah Kittell
"I volunteered with this organization in 2016 for three months. I taught English to At Risk Youth that had been sponsored by the government to attend a technical program. This allowed them to further their education and expand their career opportunities. When a Costa Rican can speak English it doubles their salary and gives them access to higher positions! My students were fun and energetic, and though difficult at times, this experience was incredible rewarding.

The volunteer experience was great as well! I had a welcoming host mom, and was able to walk to my school everyday. I always had support from the volunteer coordinator, even if my question was not about the program. This was a great way to get my feet in the English Teaching Industry in Costa Rica. My plan was to stay for 6 months... but its been much longer than that!"
20 days ago